Mother flipper
Brand development


The mother of all burgers

Mother Flipper, a London street food burger trader with a cult follwing, creates and serves up burgers to die for. We were asked to expand on the brand identity to create a toolkit of assets and to present the brand to potential investors with the aim of expansion into bricks and mortar establishments.

With the right ingredients already in place, our job was about defining the spirit, refining what was already there, and tweaking the recipe where needed. We refined the typography in the logo making it a bit sharper whilst retaining the personality. Then from there we developed a full character set to create a fully working font 'FLiPPER BOLD'. This allowed us to add the same amount of personality in to each burger name as goes into the logo. We created a full menu of custom typesets that stack, squeeze, and bulge, just like the burgers themselves. The updated brand identity was then applied to the whole range brand applications.


Brand identity / Type design / Packaging / Print / Environment / Digital 


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©Visual Things Limited